I quickly realized Gold’s Gym wasn’t the place for me. I was offered steroids and didnt feel comfortable working out there. I have been a varsity athlete throughout all of high school. But, weighing 135lbs and trying to get into a college, I needed to work as hard as I could to become a more marketable athlete for college. So I just googled “Gyms” and Wreck Room popped up. I watched the videos on there and saw that it was something that I wanted to try.

My first impression was when I had watched the competitions on ESPN and thought that it was a workout that really was unachievable. But with the weeks that I have gone to Wreck Room I realized that with the drive and hard work it would help me get to where I wanted to be.

Learning the basics of everything, Squats, Bench, Clean, Press, even running. Taking weight training in High School wasnt really helping with form and being able to keep my heels on the ground for squats helped me lift more not only with weight but with safety. Being able to do 135# 15 times was my first big goal I achieved.

Currently I am trying to get my 800 meter run time down to 2:00 or less. Currently my time for track is a 2:08 but I want a even lower.

Compared to when I started I know my goals are achievable and that I am driven to go workout everyday to be better at whatever I do.

Watch: Elliott’s 1 rep front squat
(July 2015 his 1 rep front squat was 155lbs.  In 4 months that is a 50# increase.  Very impressive PR with a body weight of 135lbs.)

What has changed about me the most is I am way more health conscious. I look at what I eat more and STAYING AWAY from McDonalds is easier than ever. I have more energy on the field, in the gym and in everyday life in general.

I really enjoy the competitive workouts. I like to win and they made me work harder to win. One specific moment would be the 800 meter farmer carry because it was hell to get through but that mental barrier was a great hurdle to get over.