Wreck Room has changed me life! I 100% recommended this place to everyone. It doesn’t matter what your fitness level is, if you have never worked out, or just starting it up, or you have plateaued at the “gym” you go to.

My first day I showed up Butch met me at the door, I was so scared that I wasn’t going to fit in. In my head I was like, I’m not strong enough, I’m not fit looking enough, I can’t even hold my own body weight, what did I get myself into. So then Butch have me a tour and introduced me to everyone. They were so sweet to me! Everyone wanted to know my current workout routine and how I found Wreck Room. The crossfit work out is confusing to a new beginner like myself. Butch stayed with me the entire time, walking me through every technique. He really cares, he really wants you to be the best you can be.

I remember one on my first workouts it was a timed WOD and everyone was done. I still had many reps to go. Everyone that had finished started clapping, cheering, and yelling in a positive way, “Allison come on, you can do this!!!!” Everyone knows each other’s name. We are a family!
I have never had anyone cheer for me before, it was a feeling you can’t explain. It lit a fire in my heart. Everyone holds each other accountable. Sorry for my ramble, but if you haven’t tried Wreck Room, the first class is free, you have nothing to lose! I am in the best shape of my life today! Thank you Wreck Room for giving me a home. Xoxo