Amy Anello has been named the athlete of the month for October.  Amy started at Wreck Room CrossFit back in early May.  She spent the first couple of months timid with the weights and movements in the workouts but it was the beginning of July when we finally saw Amy have that moment of “alright, it’s time to step it up” and since then she has been pushing and pushing.  During the month of October Amy only missed a few of the strength workouts but made sure to get here on Saturday to make them up.  Because of that dedication she not only set a PR on her back squat and push press but she also had a huge 25# PR on her front squat.   I also can’t dismiss all the videos that she sent to me of her first few strict pull-ups, some of which she did at work.  Here is proof

Have you experienced a class with Amy yet?  If not you are in for a treat.  There is never a dull moment.  You can sometimes find her in front of the class leading a warm-up or hanging out when the class is finished discussing some very, very, very random topics.  Isn’t one of CrossFit’s philosophies “prepare for the unknown?”  Simply put Amy shows up, puts in the hard work, is extremely coach-able, always has fun and is sure to have us laughing at some point in every class.

Congrats again Amy.  We are lucky to have you as a member and we as coaches cannot wait to see what you accomplish here over the next few months.  You can learn more about Amy below but be sure to squeeze your way into a conversation with her.


Tell us who you are.

My name is Amy Anello. I am 26, grew up in Pasadena and am a Certified Public Accountant. I am the most uncoordinated person ever and have not done anything athletic since elementary school until CrossFit.

 What made you decide to get started with Wreck Room CrossFit?

I was tired and bored of going to the gym. I was never sore after my workout and knew that I needed to switch up my exercise routine and confuse my muscles. My boyfriend and I also wanted an exercise routine we could do together. We tried out Wreck Room CrossFit and were immediately addicted!

 What is your favorite part of Wreck Room CrossFit and is there one particular favorite moment that stands out to you?

If you know me then you know that my favorite part of Wreck Room CrossFit is being able to socialize and have fun but still while working out. It’s nice to be able to release tension and socialize after a stressful day at work. I also love that I don’t have to think about what I am going to do for exercise because everything is already planned out for me. The coaches are wonderful too. They do such a good job planning the workouts and pushing you.

 Every day is an exciting and fun adventure at Wreck Room but my favorite moment might have been doing a rope climb and a strict pull-up.

 What was your activity level prior to starting at Wreck Room CrossFit?

Slim to none. I have not played sports since I was a kid. I would try to be active by “going to the gym” which would consist of playing on my phone and doing exercises that wouldn’t even break a sweat. I couldn’t even run a mile.

 How has Wreck Room CrossFit helped you outside of the gym?

I have more energy and am less tired. I’ve even stopped drinking coffee because I no longer need it. I am also happier due to the social aspect that it brings. It’s also beneficial for my boyfriend and I because it’s something we can do together that is healthy for us. It has also allowed us to develop the same group of friends.

 Tell us about your progress throughout the month of October? 

I started CrossFit in May. After doing it a few months and progressively getting better at the movements, I thought it was time to step it up and start going harder and heavier in my workouts. During October, I increased my weight on various exercises such as kettlebell swings, cleans, etc.

 We also focused a lot on the squat cycle during October. I always wanted toned legs and a bigger butt so I pushed myself to squat as much weight as I could. I went up 10-15% on my maximum squat weight.

 What are your favorite and least favorite movements or workouts?

Favorite – squats, thrusters, pull-ups, push-ups and box jumps.

Least favorite – wall-balls, burpees, and toes to bar (they take me forever).

 What advice would you give to anyone looking to get started at Wreck Room CrossFit?  

Don’t be intimated; if I can do it, anyone can! The coaches work with you to ensure you are doing the movements correctly and they push you to get better. I would also suggest that you to push yourself to do heavier weight and set goals.

 For girls – if you are naturally slim/small, don’t get frustrated if you gain a few pounds at first. It’s muscle weight and it’s good for you. I gained about 5 pounds but my body is more toned and am slimmer in most areas, including my face.

 Anything else you want to add?

I would not choose to work-out anywhere else ever again! I enjoy and look forward to going to CrossFit every day. I am excited every night at 8:30 to check out the work-out for the next day. I am really passionate about it and it has changed my life!