James Bybee has been named the athlete of the month for October.  James became a member of the Wreck Room Community back in June of this year and hasn’t stopped improving since.  He came in with above average strength and the ability to pick up on the technical barbell movements quicker than most but it was his consistent attendance, work ethic and his drive to be better every day that has led to his success.

James rarely misses a day and is always pushing more and more.  Throughout October we saw a big improvement with his double unders and chest to bar pull-ups.  We also saw PRs with a few lifts…..

Front Squat 3-rep @225#

Push Jerk 2-rep @205#

Overhead Squat 5-rep @155#

Not to mention the infamous benchmark “Helen” (400m run / 21-15-9 pull-ups, KB swings) where he took 1:22 off his previous time.

Being only 6 months into the world of CrossFit it is evident that James will have an extremely successful future.  Nothing but PRs and progress moving forward.  You will usually see James every day at the 5pm class.  If you don’t know him learn more below.

Let’s start with the basics. Who are you and what do you do with your days when you’re not WODding with us?

My name is James Bybee. I am active duty in the Air Force and that seems to take up most of my time when I’m not at the gym. I also try to see the new areas around Maryland and drive around the local area to see what there is to offer.


We all find Wreck Room in a different way. Where did your story start?

I was always debating on starting CrossFit, due to the past couple years I have had to move around a lot which made it harder to try it out. I did a little research and decided to go check out a few gyms. Luckily I decided with the first one I visited.

What stood out most to you the first time walking into Wreck Room?

When I first walked into the Wreck Room, everyone seemed to be really inviting. All the coaches were very approachable and made the introduction to the Wreck Room a good time.

Do you have a specific “why” for CrossFitting?

For the past two to three years I’ve always just went to a conventional gym. It was starting to get boring and it turned working out into way more of a chore. Everyone I’ve talked to about CrossFit always had good things to say about it.


What is your favorite part of Wreck Room?

My favorite part about the Wreck Room is workouts and the coaches. Those two parts make me look forward to working out that day.

What is your proudest accomplishment?

So far, my proudest accomplishment at Wreck Room would be the progress I’ve made with overhead squats since that was the hardest movement for me to learn.

If you could name a WOD after yourself, what would it look like?

My two favorite movements are pull-ups and squat cleans. I also really like workouts with the 21-15-9 complex, since those seem to be quick.

What is one exercise you would be ecstatic to never do again?

I would be personally happy if I didn’t have to do thrusters anymore. Whenever I have to do those in a workout I always seem to hit myself in my face with the barbell.


Clearly you’ve been making progress inside the walls of the Wreck Room. What effects has it had outside the gym? 

When it comes to the PT I have to do with the Air Force, I have noticed that it has got a lot easier and I’m not as winded. I also have a better time when I attempt at running outside the gym.

What advice would you give to anyone looking to get started at Wreck Room?

The advice I would give is that if you’re thinking about getting started then don’t procrastinate. I wish I would have started earlier than I did.

Anything else you want to add?

I just want to thank the coaches for all the help so far.