Bob Bollinger has been named the athlete of the month for May.  Bob has been with us since the end of July 2014 and we have enjoyed his company every day since.  As a man who owns multiple businesses it is no surprise how hard working, motivated and goal oriented you are and we can easily see how those traits carry over into your CrossFit life.

CrossFit didn’t come easy for Bob when he started but it never deterred him from his consistent 4-5 days a week of training.  It is extremely rare to go 2 days without seeing him here.  May was a big month for Bob as he conquered a few movements that gave him trouble for so long, including the snatch, overhead squat and double unders.  These are three of the toughest and most frustrating movements but Bob just kept plugging away at them and never avoided them.  May is the month we saw him become a better well-rounded athlete and we are pumped to see what you conquer next.

Bob is a crowd favorite with the other members and everything we could ask for in an athlete, member and friend.  We all enjoy seeing what you improve on and accomplish each and every day.

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Bob frequents the evening classes so be sure to say hey and congrats.  Learn more about Bob below.

Let’s start with the basics. Who are you and what do you do with your days when you’re not 

WODding with us?

 When I’m not at Wreck Room CrossFit I work at Budget Waterproofing and Rebath both are home improvement businesses where I spend my days in meetings or reading reports and most of my time on marketing.I have a great team of people that run the day to day work that make my job much easier.

When I’m not at work I like spending time with my family and friends and try to fly as much as possible but as my family says I have a second home at Wreck Room cause I seem to be there more than

We all find Wreck Room in a different way. Where did your story start?

I remember the first time I learned about CrossFit. My daughter and I were members of Golds gym when we saw people doing some crazy workout together so I approached a young lady that was part of the group and asked her what her name was and what they were doing and she said Lindsey and CrossFit and explained what CrossFit was all about. Within one month we were told by Meghan Burkhardt about a CrossFit gym that had just opened in Glen Burnie called Wreck Room CrossFit so we decided to go and check it out not knowing they were the same people we had been watching at Golds. After meeting Butch the owner we both decided to give it a try and we fell in love with Wreck Room and everyone there.

 What stood out most to you the first time walking into Wreck Room?

The thing that stood out to me the most upon my first visit to Wreck Room was seeing a large open area and very little gym equipment which was not what I was used to in a typical gym. I soon found out that you don’t need all that equipment to get a better workout than I had ever had.

Do you have a specific “why” for CrossFitting?

I CrossFit cause I love the workout and enjoy the family atmosphere and all the help and encouragement that is given from the great coaches and my fellow athletes.

What is your favorite part of Wreck Room?

My favorite part of Wreck Room CrossFit besides the great workouts is by far the friendships I have made with a lot of great people which have become some of my best friends in and outside of the box.

What is your proudest accomplishment?

My proudest accomplishment would have to be the overhead squat, I couldn’t even do 1 with a PVC pipe and after getting help from the coaches and my peers I am now an expert…lol..jk

What is one exercise you would be ecstatic to never do again?

The 1 exercise I would be happy to never do again is the dreaded wall balls. Nuff said…

DSC_0797 (2)

Clearly you’ve been making progress inside the walls of the Wreck Room. What effects has it 

had outside the gym?

Since joining Wreck Room I am in the better shape than I was in my 30s and have more energy, endurance and strength. I can even run a mile which is something I haven’t been able to do since high school. Thanks again to the great coaches that don’t let me quit.


What advice would you give to anyone looking to get started at Wreck Room?

My advice to anyone looking at getting started at  Wreck Room CrossFit is simply just go in with an open mind , listen to the coaches, learn the correct forms, give it a chance, never quit and most of all have fun with the awesome family we call Wreck Room CrossFit.

Anything else you want to add?

I’m so blessed to have found such a great place and my second family. I love this place so much that if I miss a couple days it puts me in a bad mood.

Thank you Wreck Room !!