My name is James Ireland Jr., my friends call me Jimmy.  I live in Glen Burnie, MD.  I am a Nissan Master Technician for Bayside Nissan of Annapolis

I’ve heard good things about CrossFit, I noticed that my body wasn’t where I wanted it to be and I wanted to do something to change that.  I’ve tried standard gyms in the past but I always ended up being bored with going there and I eventually quit going.

When I came to my first class I was intimidated because I didn’t know what we were going to be doing…  I wasn’t sure if we would be doing the things you see on tv, like flipping tires etc.  I was just concerned / scared that I wouldn’t be able to do some of the exercises that was required.  There were a lot of exercises that I couldn’t do, but all of the Coaches helped me scale them to something that I could do, and were very patient with me through the entire learning process.  All of the members at Wreck Room are very friendly, and I thought that it was pretty cool that during a workout as others were finishing their workout before me, they started to cheer me on and tell me that I could do it.  Between the Coaches and all the other Members at Wreck Room, everyone had their own way to make me feel welcomed and that made me know that I belonged there.

My first goal I hit was doing a 15 foot rope climb.  I thought that climbing the rope would be the hard part, but I learned that the hard part is in fact coming down the rope safely, not going up like one would think.

Currently I am working on trying to get my handstand push-ups, they are a lot harder than I expected.

Since I started I feel a lot better about myself in general, like I have more confidence…  (like I need that!!!)  I’ve noticed since I have been coming to Wreck Room CrossFit both my strength and stamina have increased.  I don’t get tired as easy doing simple things at work or around the house like I used to, and I can now Front Squat 160 lbs which is more than my body weight!!!


What has changed about me the most is that I started paying attention to everything I was eating, and I have been doing my best to eat “cleaner” and “healthier”!  I never realized that 75% of what I was eating was not healthy for me.  I’ve learned so much about the foods I eat and what is good for my body.  I’ll be honest, I could really go for a Plain Spicy Chicken sandwich from Wendy’s with Chic-fil-a Buffalo sauce on it right now!!!

It’s hard to pick “one” favorite moment…  What I really like about Wreck Room is that I feel like everyone there is a member of my second family.  I just like how all of us there will do anything we can for each other.  Everyone there has a different trade or skill and will volunteer their time / services whenever you may need it.  That is what means the most to me, feeling like part of the “Gang”!!!