Megan Donley has been named the athlete of the month for January.  Megan joined our community in the middle of June 2014 and brought a level of skill with her that made us as coaches think she already had a great deal of experience with CrossFit.  We remember the first time she cleaned the barbell for some front squats and said “Oh, she’s gonna be really good” and it didn’t take her long to prove us right.

There are a lot of characteristics that make Megan an exceptional athlete but the one that stands out the most is her ability to pick up on some of the toughest movements/skills quickly.  In January alone we saw her dominate rope climbs, handstand push-ups, double unders and snatches and with her newly achieved strict pull-ups there will not be much more to hold her back.  Megan also has the perfect personality for Wreck Room CrossFit. She always comes in smiling, joking around and never hesitates to give us coaches a hard time just for her mere amusement but she also knows when it’s time to work and get things done.

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This past month we had the privilege to see Megan at her true full potential and are extremely excited to see what she accomplishes in the next few months.  If you don’t know Megan, she will be the girl in the evening classes with all the tattoos.  Find out a little more about here below.

Tell us who you are.
My name is Megan Donley.  I am 26 years old, grew up on the East Coast and I am currently a Paralegal in the United States Navy.  I have traveled a lot due to the military, but have been stationed in Annapolis, Maryland for the past 4 years and plan to stay put when I separate in May of 2016.
What made you decide to get started with Wreck Room CrossFit?
To be honest, I was always turned off by the thought of CrossFit.  I had my own gym routine that I stuck with for the most part and even though I was constantly trying to think of new things to do, I was stuck in habit and content with my daily workouts.  I started noticing a few of my friends become really interested in CrossFit and could even see their bodies changing, so I decided to give it a chance and now I’m addicted.  I even got my boyfriend (who has always been anti-gym) to join, it was a miracle, but now he’s hooked as well!
What is your favorite part of Wreck Room CrossFit and is there one particular favorite moment that stands out to you?
I love the people at Wreck Room, they’re my favorite!!  I knew a few of the members prior to joining, but I have met so many new faces and have even become closer to the ones I knew prior.  There is never a dull moment when you are in class, and I love how close everyone has become.
I have two favorite moments:  the day I RX’d my first workout (squats and burpees), and the day I got my first pull-up!  Check it out here.
What was your activity level prior to starting at Wreck Room CrossFit
Prior to Wreck Room, I would say my activity level was average.  I would always try to make the gym 4-5 times a week, but if I didn’t go it wasn’t a big deal to me.  I was a big cardio bunny and never gave the weights a real chance.
How has Wreck Room CrossFit helped you outside of the gym?
Outside of the gym, CrossFit has helped me with my eating habits.  I know that if I eat better, my performance will be better, and when my performance is better, I am a happier person, and when I am a happier person, we all win!
Tell us about your progress throughout the month of January. 
 January has been my favorite month since I decided to join Wreck Room, and that is because I decided to get a little more serious and ensure I made it to CrossFit more than twice a week.
I started out the month by doing the Paleo Challenge.  The first week was the hardest because I had no clue where to begin and I honestly thought I would fail and resort back to pizza within a few days.  Wreck Room provided a good support group and even some yummy recipes!  After the first week of the challenge, my body started to feel better and I even noticed a difference in my performance in CrossFit.  After week 2 and week 3 passed, I noticed I was getting stronger, less winded during each workout and my performance was getting faster!  I also set a goal for myself to finally get a strict pull-up, and I did it!!
I definitely did not do the challenge 100% (I really love pizza), but because I noticed a difference in such a short time I have decided to continue on with the Paleo Challenge, while still allowing myself to indulge from time to time.
What are your favorite and least favorite movements or workouts?
 My favorite movements are squats, lunges, box jumps, burpees (weird, I know) and anything that deals with the kettlebell.
Actually, anything lower body has my vote!
My least favorite movement is toes to bar; I will avoid those days like the plague.
What advice would you give to anyone looking to get started at Wreck Room CrossFit?  
 Give it a chance.  I know the gym can be intimidating at first, but I never felt that way with Wreck Room.  My first day there I was welcomed by everyone, and by the third day I was addicted and signing away a year of my life.  I am always looking forward to the workout being posted every night, and will even go as far as interrupting dinner just to see what we will be doing the next day!

Anything else you want to add?

I love my CrossFit family, and I’m glad they accept my random outbursts!


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