I was already doing CrossFit and I first came to Wreck Room because I saw an article in the paper about Butch whom I knew 20 years ago.  My first impression was that they were very focused on my goals and still remain very focused months later.

The thing that has changed about me the most is surrendering to Butch’s way vs what I did from prior CrossFit box teachings but it works.

My two favorite moment are when Cannonball (aka Emily) noticed I was losing weight and Coach Colin’s comment about how (for 60 yrs old) “good I am”.

The story goes like this…..

I was going to another CrossFit box when I when I realized Butch had a box nearby then when I come by to do a WOD he’s not coaching and has Colin coaching without a warning about who this arthritic old fart is.  HA!  So Colin won me over then I met Butch again who proceeded to put the icing on the cake.  His sincerity regarding what MY objectives were and that he was here to lay out the road map.


My focus was to lose weight and I did doing it HIS way.  So far, from the end of April through September 11th I have lost 32lbs and took off 4 inches from my waist and am still going.

Losing more weight is still a focus for me combined with improved arm strength and I wanna see those ab muscles for the 1st time in probably 45 years.

I found being more serious with the workouts at Wreck Room was my biggest change and now it’s a little bit ok for Gary to be, as Popeye says “I amz what I amz!”, allowing me to be myself.

For those who haven’t been around me I most assuredly am from way outside the box, however the results from Wreck Room can only be expressed one way: YABADABADABADOODOO!