Come in for a free class and check out our facility, coaching, programming and atmosphere and if you like what you see we will get you signed up for the Foundations program.  These five Foundations sessions will be schedule at a time convenient for you, provided we have a coach available at that date and time.  These sessions will be one-on-one to ensure you get as much attention as possible.  There are also options for groups of two if you are looking to start with a friend or family member.  Learning the technique of the movements is the most important thing and what better way to do that than one-on-one training.

Why do we have Foundations?

  • We want to take out the whole intimidation factor that is very common to almost any new person unfamiliar with CrossFit.  We want you to feel as comfortable as possible in your new environment.
  • Give you the extra attention and focus you deserve in the beginning.  With one-on-one training you get 100% of our focus and attention as we work on the movements that you need help with.  It is 100% catered to fit your needs.
  • Introduce you to the 40 movements we do on a regular basis and most you will do multiple times.  With the amount of time we spend on each movement you can transition to a regular CrossFit class feeling comfortable, safe and ready to work.
  • Introduce you to all of the terminology we use daily.  There are many different formats of workouts and how we record our results.  There are also abbreviations and acronyms for different movements.
  • Introduce WODIFY, our software program that is a one stop shop for everything from billing, to signing in for class, logging all of your results, viewing the workout and seeing videos of the movements.