Mike McReady has been name the athlete of the month for August.  Mike joined the Wreck Room community in October 2014.  With a heart of gold Mike always puts other people first and never fails to have a good time, no matter how rough the workout is.  He is always looking to improve his technique and never hesitates to ask for help.  He allows coaches to really pick him apart and is very receptive to his cues.

His gymnastics abilities have always been off the charts and his raw strength cannot be overlooked.  Throughout August we saw Mike hit a huge PR with his snatch (155#) but it was his strength, efficiency and capacity in the MetCons that improved immensely.  Comparing his performances in August to those in July, each WOD was heavier and much faster.  Oh and we can’t forget about those 5 consecutive muscle-ups on the rings!

Mike always works out in the evenings.  You can recognize him as the guy attached to the muscle stimulator or the guy talking about his excitement to go home to an ice bath.  A true character and a pleasure to be around.  Learn more about Mike below.

Mike 4

Let’s start with the basics. Who are you and what do you do with your days when you’re not WODding with us?

Well like many of us here at the Wreck room I have to wear many hats. It is nice to be associated with so many good people at WRCF that have similar interests and duties at home. I am a Christian, Father, Husband, Construction Executive, Videographer, Gardner, Professional Knucklehead and a bunch of other things.  I have been married for 13 years to a wonderful wife (Misty) .I love playing guitar, being with my wife and children and anything creative.  

We all find Wreck Room in a different way. Where did your story start?

I found Wreck Room CrossFit almost by accident and it has been a great find to say the least. I had already been actively involved in CrossFit for a few years. I was traveling pretty far to my box in Columbia every day and it was getting hard. A friend told me one Sunday that there was a newer CrossFit box close by and naturally I was interested.  I stopped in that day and met Butch and that’s all it took. It did take me a few weeks I remember to switch over permanently. I had only ever known one Box (other than traveling once in a while) and it was strange leaving for a new home. I am very glad I did. 

What stood out most to you the first time walking into Wreck Room?

The thing that stood out to me (and still does) when walking into Wreck Room is Butch. He actually stands way over me too.  I think I have always been gifted in seeing character in people and Butch stands apart from all the owners/coaches I have met. Butch spent a lot time talking to me the very first day I walked in, sent me a very friendly follow up the next few days, and was a fine example of a good business man and a coach. I could see that before I even did any WOD’s at Wreck Room.  I could also see how much care is put into the day to day operations which is a great first impression. 

Do you have a specific “why” for CrossFitting?

Sadly one of the primary reasons I do CrossFit is to combat anxiety and it works.  Other than that I just want to set a good example to my kids. 

What is your favorite part of Wreck Room?

The coaches, people, and programming. I guess that would be considered three things.

Mike 2

What is your proudest accomplishment?

Being a husband and father.

If you could name a WOD after yourself, what would it look like?

A Storm Trooper….just kidding that was my Dupreay/Kikel shout out. I actually like doing burpees (crazy right?) so anything with burpees, pull ups, and gymnastics movements I guess.

Mike 1

What is one exercise you would be ecstatic to never do again?

Jogging. I do like sprinting though… but not when Ryan is there.

Clearly you’ve been making progress inside the walls of the Wreck Room. What effects has it had outside the gym?

I am happier overall just being at Wreck Room.

What advice would you give to anyone looking to get started at Wreck Room?

Don’t delay, don’t overthink it, just do it………that sounds like a Nike Commercial

 Anything else you want to add?

Thank you all so very much for your guidance, professionalism, programming and pushing me every day to improve.